A collection of links to social media campaigns, videos, fact sheets, toolkits and posters to help you and your communities stay informed about STIs and share important messages.

anti viral comics
get tested for sti
get tested for syphilis
stay HIV free with PrEP

Useful Links:


Victorian Sexual Health Network, Part of AlfredHealth: https://www.staystifree.org.au/

Melbourne Sexual Health Centre https://www.mshc.org.au

Family Planning Victoria https://www.fpv.org.au/stis-and-bbvs

Better Health Channel. Vic G’ment health & medical info: https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/STI

Translated information on STIs & BBVs: www.healthtranslations.vic.gov.au

Thorne Harbour Health: https://www.thedramadownunder.info/

What to expect when testing: https://www.ceh.org.au/what-can-i-expect-when-testing-for-a-blood-borne-virus-or-sexually-transmissible-infections/

Let them know. Partner notification: https://letthemknow.org.au/

STI Glossary: https://www.ceh.org.au/resource-hub/bbv-sti-glossary-simple-definitions-for-keywords-blood-borne-viruses-and-sexual-health/

SexTEMBER 2021 – A Sexual & Reproductive Health Zine: https://womenshealthvic.com.au/resources/1800MyOptions/SEXtember_Zine_2021.pdf