Do you? – TALK, TEST & TREAT.

If you are sexually active it is important that you Talk, Test & Treat to protect your health.

These three small actions can have a big impact on yours and your partner(s) sexual health!!



It’s important to TALK about sexual health to make sure you and your partner/s are HEALTHY.



Get a sexual health TEST for your safety and the safety of your partner/s. Testing is usually quick and always confidential.



There are treatments for many conditions, including all Sexually Transmitted Illness (STIs).

More Sexual Health information and resources for you

Click here for translated materials, educational resources, videos, information sheets, and links to sexual health organisations.

Get Involved – Click here for campaign material!

You will find social media tiles available for free, for the general public, health care workers, your networks and communities.

Thank you for your support in raising awareness of sexual health.

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